Thursday, January 26, 2006

Gift of Heart Part III: Art of Drawing

Many years ago I gave a piece of artwork to the first girl I like. It consists of a few pieces of drawings, where each illustrates a part of us being together (from 1st meet to date to courtship). Each peace of drawing has some Chinese text illustration on it, accompanied by a translucent piece of paper with some motives on them. When the translucent paper is combined with the drawing, it creates a different feel of the art work. All the pieces are combined into a hand made book. This is probably the most heart-ful gift I ever made in my life, which I was for one second reluctant to give it away. But what is the purpose of a gift if it is not given away, as its value lies within the hand of the receiver.

The gift chosen for Totoro Girl is of course, a Totoro; and I know the exact place to get one. I found some new Totoro stocks in an Anime Toy shop at 1U, and the first thing which caught my eye is a Totoro photo frame. What so special about a photo frame? Just buying a Totoro doll seems a bit plain, but a photo frame would allow some creativity space. I can draw something meaningful and slip it into the photo frame. The frame is pretty cute actually, with a grey Totoro and a big leaf as its hat, and many small flowers, leafs and mushrooms all around it.

It had been a very long while since I last drawn something, and I hope I still have the basic skill set. I need to buy a whole new set of stationeries, as I had loose my last set (I have no idea where they are now). I pick up my supplies at Popular bookstore, as they have quite a good variety. I choose back my old faithful tools, such as Faber Castell Water Colour Pencil, Buncho Oil Paster, Crayon, Silver Ink Pen, Black Ink Pen, 2B Pencils & Erasers, Blade and Colour Papers.

What should I draw then? Of course, a Totoro. I choose a picture where Totoro sleep under a tree in the jungle, with Bom Bom Ba and Ji Ji Ja by his side. Then we have a little girl sleeping by Totoro’s side. I like this picture, as the environment is calm and they are sleeping calmly and safely. I did some modification to it, and hopefully it turn out fine. Actually my art work pretty sucks and I think she can draw much better than me. But I think she will appreciate it, as long as it doesn’t look too ugly.

After the art work is finished, slip the paper into the photo frame and it fit perfectly. The Totoro is put into the “doggy” bag I bough earlier. All done! Yeah!

Somehow she fancies Totoro a lot, may it due to its cuteness, probably some mysterious elements and some touching moment. I think Totoro is a good mythical creature, which shows kindness and gave us some hope of miracle and fantasy. Probably we could use Totoro as education medium for the younger children, to create a kind future full of hope.


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