Thursday, January 26, 2006

How to love my Mom and Dad?

I wanted to be a good son, who would appreciate and love my parent. At times, I found that it is quite difficult to be one. Maybe it is due to my impatient, or perhaps I take them for granted, perhaps it is a complicated cycle of parent and child relationship.

My dad come back from Kota Baru to celebrate Chinese New Year with us, which I am glad to see him again. I though of we could spent some quality together, treat him nice and make him happy. But somehow I didn't manage to achieve my objective.

My dad is quite a panicky person, and he kinda disapprove many of my habits. For example, he will mumble a lot whenever I sleep late, and keep calling me whenever I try to sleep for a while longer before waking up in the morning. Some old habits just don't change, including his and mine. My dad isn't quite familiar with KL roads, and still can withstand the heavy traffic and difficulty in finding parking. Sometimes he doesn't quite listen to my direction, and he seems really panic. I think I raised my voice many times, and I really feel bad about it. I think I should learn to be more patient in handling small frustrations.

I think in the deepest level, I do love my mom and dad. The problem is, I don't usually manage to show my love and appreciation for them. Sometime I am lazy, and sometimes I am impatient over small frustrations. When I was young, I used to love my dad very much and hated my mom. Dad is always the good guy who pamper me, while mommy is the bad guy who try to educate me. Somehow, I come to love them equally when I went for college, as suddenly I realise their true intention as parents. I understand they really tried their very best to be a good parents, and I would say they did quite a good job. No parent can be prefect, as there are so many areas to cover.

I hope I can appreciate and love them better, before I loose them.

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