Thursday, January 19, 2006

2nd last day at Office

Today is my 2nd last day at my company, where I start cleaning up my stuff for the 2nd round. After 3 years in this company, I had accumulated a lot of stuff here. I left back a lot of office documents, brochures and CDs. I bring away many small gifts and some photos. Looking at the photo, I found that almost half of the people in the photo had left. On my desk I have a blue dragon, an eagle, a mini tree, a naked Sin Chan, a pinecone, a cute little green porcelain, a jelly teddy bear and a newly acquired cat&fish photo frame.

My Work Desk

My Chair

It always felt a bit nostalgic when I start cleaning my stuff, maybe because I have many good friends, which I cared for here. I have seniors who take care of me, and peers who shared many happy and memorable moments with me. We are more than colleagues; more on the friend level. We have much fun times outside office, and they are memorable ones.

My Companions

No matter how much I missed this place, I really can’t persuade myself to stay. Perhaps this place had already been my past, it slowly starting to fade in as memory (though I am still working here). Nevertheless, this is a sweet memory that shall stay with me for quite a while. Life goes on, with sweet memory behind me. Friendship needs effort to maintain. I hope I could afford to save a few of them.

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dahvid said...

I suppose leaving 'your nest' is a stepping stone to maturity. ;)

All the best in your future undertakings.