Sunday, January 22, 2006

Last Day of Employment: 20th JAN 2006

Today is my last day with Wynn. We had lunch with colleagues, take photos and had a drink at Hartamas during the night. I feel sad leaving the work place and the people, but an end is just another beginning. We take photo of everything and with everyone. At night, we meet up at for drink, UNO, food, chit chat and more supper. I really missed everyone, and have to reluctantly bid farewell to everyone. Though we can still meet, but the feeling shall be different.

Lookout, loads of photo Coming Up.


Lesbian in Action again

A good meal. Yeah!

U Pay La!


A very nice gift from Wynn

2 Tortoise from Mei Ru, 1 Tortoise from me, all Tortoise to Wynn

Tortoise for Wynn, Mini Totoro Fren for Mei Ru, and a piece of Shit

Office Farewell

Devina ealy Ang Pows, TQ! (Devina is super nice)

Lesbian again? Boring!

Yong don't like to take pics, so we have to take her hand instead (the one with yellow sleeve)

Me feel so lucky :)

Brutal Mei Ru

Kampung Boy and Girl going home

Our gift to Wynn (a Challenging puzzle, Mei Ru's pick)

"I miss you"


Happy Faces

Bye Bye Friends

The Lesbian trying her trick on Rathi

UNO Losers!

UNO Losers as well


Very cute face hor? Pull pull a bit

"Don't Leave Me" (I feel very sleepy)

Trying out New Angle in Photo taking

Photo Link: Wynn's DropShots, Chim's DropShots

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