Wednesday, April 19, 2006

All About Her

I meet her on 1 July 2004 (she is cute and pretty), as we get to sit side by side with plenty of opportunity to talk. I was kinda disappointed when I was moved away from her. We continue with “silent” messenger chatting. We had become chat buddy ever since.

We only work together once on a Brunei project and I kinda raise my voice on her, luckily I realized it half way and manage to soften up in time. I am inexperience at my first time guiding a junior, and impatient. She is pretty good with many unrealized potential, perhaps need more guidance and sharpening.

She likes to organize activities, and I like to join her, always trying to be among the first to register and give her support. We went to Taman Negara (26-28 Feb 2005) and Kota Kinabalu (25 July - 01 August 2005), and it is always fun and enjoyable. Perhaps these are the very few opportunity we get to talk a lot and play together.

She found my blog (together with Christine), thus she gets to know me better of my deeper thoughts and emotion. I don’t write much about her, as she prefers some privacy and it is a bit “inconvenience”. Nevertheless, she is the No.1 reader of Blue Dragon. Because of the discovery of the blog, I get to have the first dinner treat from her at Genki Sushi.

She celebrated my birthday with me, and gave me some nice presents. It is a very happy and simple date, and we have a good time. Somehow we would end up in Karaoke together, she likes to sings, and I enjoyed her company. I blog about her for the 1st time. I decided to give her a belated Christmas gift.

We had Christmas Bash, Morning Jog, Rock Climbing, Farewell, Bad Friend Society Membership, Shopping, Wynn's KL Party, Botanical Garden, Mickey Mouse, Melaka, Weird Conversation, Dance and many more (she shows up in 52 of my posts).

On 15th February is a sad day for her, she cry I front of me for the 1st time because she broke someone’s heart. Probably with tears came courage, which could change her life forever in so many ways.

A day which I never quite thought is possible, for us to be together. We get to have some pretty nice dates, and lots of happy times together. On the Sunday of 02 April 2006 is a magnificent day, a moment in life which could never had been planned.

9 April 2006 is day the day of a lovely new begining, after much hardship, understanding, tolerance and agreement. On a white sandy beach, with the smoothing sound of gentle waves, under the great dark sky with many shining stars, lying side by side, “Will you be my girlfriend?” And it is happily ever after …


PS: TQ for the blessings from Mich and Christine :)


Mich said...

haha, simple and short blessing cause i'm not very creative in writing things

christine said...

what's a nice post with a title "All about Her". You know, when I read this post, I just found to link up the clues in your blog about "that girl". In fact, the gal that you always talked about is Mei Ru.....hahaha, I misunderstood that the gal is another one ( haha, I guess that you know who I was talking about), especailly the post about your b-day, hahahaha. Now, I could see the whole picture of the stories.

d_luaz said...

haha, sounds like a puzzle :) all the mysteries are solved.

I am a happy man :)

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