Friday, April 07, 2006

Trying is very dangerous, you MUST finished it!

A few days back after I finished my class with the children, my cousin asked how my work was. I said I am trying very hard to finish it, then she said, “Trying is very dangerous, you MUST finished it!”

It had been slightly more than 3 months and the first version of my product is not out the door yet. At the beginning I optimistically planned for completion of everything within 3 months, but I guess I didn’t plan well and was over optimistic. As I get my hands on the task, there seems to be more work and technical/business challenges popping up, adding more workloads to my timeline. I was never quite able to meet all the deadlines I set for myself, either because the scope of work keep expanding or because of some disruptions. I need to keep the scope under control, prioritise task and push the product OUT THE DOOR!

Like all software development project, it seems inevitable that the shipping date will be delayed for at least a few times. Nevertheless, we should try to minimise that. We need to get the product out to capture some market shares, but neither could be deliver a defective and low quality product which no one wanna use (or even worst, gave 1st time customer a bad experience and they shall never turn back again).

Again, control the scope, prioritise and work harder!

My SOHO with all the furnitures which I could afford at the moment. Does it boost productivity? At least I like to spent time at my desk, and there is plenty work work space.

I haven't make full use of the whiteboard yet, but it is handy to keep the objectives/strategy and to psycho me from times to time.

PS: StreamyX had finally recovered after almost 2 weeks of bad service, it is a miracle! I faced major upload stream problem (cannot FTP or attached large file for email) and some slow browsing.


christine said...

wow, very nice working environment! It is worthy!

d_luaz said...

I like the space and colour. Thanks :)