Monday, April 17, 2006

Google 502 Server Error, once in a lifetime, izzit?

While working very hard today, I stumbled upon something which I thought was never quite possible (though technically possible, but the chances of occurrence is very very very low, I think). TADA! Google 502 Server Error, Once in a lifetime.

I asked Mei Ru did she face the same problem, but it doesn’t seem to affect her. Probably is some obscure problem affecting some of Google’s server farm serving pages to me, and fail to redirect or perform fail over (just my theory).

I actually can’t work without Google, thus I am blogging now. It seems like Google had become an important part of my life and my progress is kinda slowed down or even stagnant just because Google is not working, this is a serious kind of dependency here. Should I turned back to Yahoo! Search, or try the new MSN Search, or try the recently hyped Microsoft Start? Perhaps, if Google still doesn’t respond when I finished this post ;)

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