Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Tioman Part I: Simple Yet Lovely

Had been extremely busy for the past weeks with Malaysia Most Wanted Beta after the Tioman trip, and didn’t quite have the time and mood to blog. I think I am transforming from a frequent blogger to a casual blogger, as too much priority in life have taken precedence.

Since I am not quite in the mood to work today, I might as well take sometime to blog about Tiomon before it is blurred out from my memory (at least it should cheer me up a bit).

Mei Ru drives us with her 1518 to Batu Pahat, quite a big step for her. Wynn the hustler driver always encourages her to speed, and complained her of too slow. It is not that I like it slow and steady, but there is just too much speed trap based on my past long distance driving experience. RM 300 is too much of a price to pay. She is steady, but more experience would do her good.

Our 1st stop is Batu Pahat, Wynn’s hometown. We meet with her two cute little sister, and their future sister-in-law, Xiao Jie (小洁). We have Yong Tau Fu in the afternoon, and went to the temple for sightseeing and seafood dinner at night.

Big Mama Pig

Batu Pahat Temple

Batu Pahat Temple 2

Wynn's Family (cute little sisters and future sister-in-law)

Before the dinner, we went to Xiao Jie’s house, where her family is pig farmer. So we get to see lots of super huge mama pigs and small piglets. It sure is smelly. BTW, Xiao Jie driver like Initial D in the hilly roads with her jumping Kancil. The temple is near the sea with a fantastic view, and is famous for a big black fish Ju Long (巨龙) which is said to bring good luck if it is touched from head to tail. The seafood is pretty alright with reasonable pricing as well, just next to the temple. It’s Wynn’s treat, TQ Wynn. We had a good night sleep :)

High Class Salang Resort

Our Chalets

Warm Sunset

Wynn’s drive us to Mersing the next day, where we would take a ferry to Pulau Tioman. The journey is around 2 hours plus, and our landing spot is Salang (there are many resorts at different part of the island). The island is great, the water is clear and the weather is nice. We check-in into our Chalets at the “downtown” side of Salang, and there is some extremely beautiful “uptown” high-class resort on the hills on the other side. Nevertheless, chalets are fun and good for budget trips. We had lunch (some not very nice Malay meal), and played some beach volleyball. Our hands hurt like hell, and the fun didn’t lasted very long. Mei Ru and I had some fun in the water, while Wynn and Jamie just sat at the beach chit chatting. At night, we had some Chinese dinner and went to hang around the hammock. Vacation mood, gentle breeze and swinging in the hammock seem to be just perfect. Though felt a bit “lonely”, but it had always been such.

Ice-cream girl

Who are we?

Hammock Girl

Hungry Couple

There is lots of shining stars in the sky, and under their witness holds a lovely beginning. We have a romantic walk and a lovely chat; it just couldn’t get any better than this. Back in the chalets, we played some our usual tattooing game and lure the serious Jamie to join our craziness. It is happy to see her let go of herself and start indulging in some brainless fun. Sadly, a playful and harmless wrestling would turn against me in an unexpecting manner. We are worry Wynn might not be happy, thus accompany her for a night walk and Jamie had her early beauty sleep. Clouds had covered the twinkling stars, but nevertheless, we enjoyed the night chit chat very much as friends. I wonder, would our friendship had changed?

Lesbian Tatoo, SHIT!

Work by a lousy merciless tatoo artist

Violent Girl

It’s time to call it a night, and more adventures await us the next morning.

PS: If our hearts are lovely, why let the twisted detail bother us.

Photo Link: Mei Ru's Dropshot 1, 2

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