Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I thought I am invincible

For a moment I my life, I thought I am invincible. I am good at my work (I quite like it at times), I have a good job, I am not afraid of losing my job, I have lots of brilliant ideas and I believed I am one of the very best. One day, I decide to put myself up for a test, to see if I am really as good as I believed I am. After that very day, I don’t feel quite invincible anymore. In fact, I am afraid.

Entrepreneurship is a test of life, which requires many elements in order to succeed. It needs technical skill, sales & marketing skill, management skill (not required for lone ranger), passion, creativity & innovation, determination and lots of perseverance. Perhaps it also required Entrepreneur Skill, the combined secret recipe to create a sustainable business. About 4 months had passed, and I am starting to worry that I might not have the strength to move forward.

I am worried. I worry about what to do next, on how to make things work. Miracle doesn’t happen just like that, it needs the right planning and strategy. If the idea is so brilliant, perhaps the problem lies in execution: the right formula for success. Sometimes I thought I know lots of stuff (bit and pieces of the recipe to succeed), but at times I feel so helpless and at lost.

At this very moment, I feel tired, worry and lost. I feel tired because there is a lot to be done. I am worry because I dunno the right formula for success. I am lost, because I am confused on what I should do next.

Here is what I know. You don’t need a brilliant idea to succeed in the business world. There could be a 100 people doing the same thing as you did, and you could still make a living out of it. If you innovate and do it slightly better, you could earn a lot more money. But why haven’t I felt the success yet? Perhaps I haven’t reach the “stage” (complete more work), or perhaps I haven’t did enough Sales & Marketing (in order to have a successful business, people need to know your business). At the end, perhaps it is courage (step out of your comfort zone and try something new) and perseverance (continue doing and believing in it). Like all business, it needs exposures and time to grow.

I want to feel strong and confidence again, to prove that I am capable, rather than just thinking I am capable. I need to find the feel good factor once again. I need to find a way to make things work. I need to find comfort and peace in my mind.


Anonymous said...

Every failure will bring you one step closer to success. It took Thomas Edison thousands of trials to discover the right filament for the first light bulb. If your idea doesn't work out, cut your loss and move on to the next one.

christine said...

I can feel that you are really in the hard time of your life. It is good that you can feel sth that you have not felt before. It helped you to think more and understand more about yourself. The experience right now reminds you that you are just a human. No one can be invincible, except the mightly God, the Creator. We are just human with lots of limitation. Don't forget be humble when you ask for success. Add oil!

meiru said...

"Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe - Faith Enough"