Thursday, May 25, 2006

Over the Rainbow is a Darling (American Idol)

I was never quite a fan of American Idol, as I found it kinda boring and non distinctive. Why?
  • Because they sang mostly English songs, and I am not a big fan of it (I can’t relate deep emotion to most English songs, except a few good ones)
  • They singing sound pretty much the same to me, and I can’t understand why the judges criticize them most of the time
  • These people are not physically attractive
Anyway, tonight I happened to stumbled upon its finale on 8TV, why not give it a chance (it is the finale anyway, it should worth my time). It is a battle between Taylor Hikes the Soul Patrol and Katherine McPhee. Today, I found their performances are simply amazing. It is fun, it is entertaining, and they look confidence and happy. I like Kat’s choice of songs, especially the way she sang OVER THE RAINBOW (it is sweet and absolutely superb). Black Horse and Cherry Tree is kinda unique as well.

Anyway, what are the odds for you to participate in American Idol, beats millions of other contestants to win the judges heart, fight for American’s vote with other equally talented singers and do a superb performance in the finale? I think the odds are pretty low, but someone will do it, and someone will make it. No matter who wins, I think both of them are extraordinary people, and they are already STAR and CHAMPION when they put on such a wonderful performance.

Perhaps American Idol is a place for American to achieve great dreams, but only the very best in talent, skill, confident and personality will make it to the top. Competition is tough and cruel, but everyone came out from it as a better person.

BTW, the Kodak Theatre is simply amazing as well.

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