Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Triple Date Part I: My Mother’s Day

I haven’t blog for almost 2 weeks, perhaps it is time to slow down my ever fast moving pace to catch my breath and recapture some memories before they are lost forever. It seems like I seldom write about my dates and outing anymore, perhaps this is a good time since I been on 3 dates continuously last weekend, with the same her.

Friday is a public holiday, and Mei Ru is joining Tang and Michelle for a morning Jog in Bukit Jalil. Though I am supposed to work on Friday as well (damn, working on holidays, that’s what you get for being self employed), but since Gunung Raja trip is near (need some physical training) and I do missed her, so jogging is on for me as well. It had been quite a while since we last went for jogging, perhaps with much activities going on lately. We jog for 1 round before the sun came up, as Tang and Michelle would join us later (9 plus is super hot already). Then we join them for another half a round before running out of breath. Hmm, not as fit as I think I would be (Hey! I never thought I am fit what!).

The Best Couple in the World!

The initial Mother’s Day lunch had been brought forward as brunch, thus Mei Ru and I can’t join the girls for the initially planned breakfast. It does feel kinda awkward to bring girlfriend for Mother’s Day brunch for the 1st time, buy why not. Actually Mom and Dad are pretty shy, where mom is serious unless you make her laugh, and dad is usually friendlier. The brunch went pretty alright, and Mei Ru takes photos for my family. It reminded it had been quite a while we took some family photo, except the CNY 2005 video I took which I had yet to processed them.

Trying Hard to Capture Bro's Laughing Moment

The forver cute Sis & Mom

She was supposed to help with my work (very nice of her, I like her so much), but we end up feeling sleepy and by the time we woke up, it was almost time for dance class. Perhaps it had always been hard for couple to work together, as too much lovy feelings in between seems to work against productivity. I think we tried it 3 times, only once it came out pretty alright. Nevertheless, I appreciate her efforts. Anyway, having her by my side does make my working time more interesting. Besides, anything she churned out for me is a lovely bonus for me.

I do feel guilty to ask her help me with my work when I am supposed to bring her out for fun. At the same time, it is sometimes difficult for me to have fun with so many pending works. Perhaps there is a balance somewhere in between. Nevertheless, my aim is to generate self sustainable income and make her happy.

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