Thursday, May 18, 2006

Triple Date Part IV: Anniversary (Evening Session)

Next stop, fly kite. Mei Ru hasn’t flied any kites before, and the last trip didn’t quite work out as we stupidly went there in the morning when there isn’t any wind. Kite flying should make her a happy girl, and the weather is with us. There are already many kite flyers at Kepong Metropolitan Park, where you could see them along the highway.

With good wind, our kite fly up instantly with Mei Ru pulling the string (happy or not? Hehe). It just went up and up, and we are like a pair of city tourist busy taking pictures. At first we thought it was not possible to finish the string, but it did finish eventually and we are equally surprised. I took us quite a while to put the kite all the way up, and an equal amount of time to bring it all the way down. We have ice creams in between, yum yum. Just when the kit is downed, the wind is totally gone (what a coincidence).

See, I can fly Kite

Up and up she goes

Ai, no more string liao


I am glad that we have lots of fun, all the laughter on her face is worth everything there is.

There are a few noticeable kites at the place, a kite with twirling tail and another one which made a bee humming sound. There is a mini parachute kite which is extremely difficult to handle, and a Malay guy practicing his parachuting skill there. Besides these, we have many big and small colorful kites flying around, and with many kids running around.

The Parachuting Guy

Metropolitan Park is quite a nice place, with proper jogging and cycling track, and a humongous lake. The evening weather is pretty; we have a walk around the lake where many people are fishing there. There is a tall tower which overseas the entire area, and you can have a good view of the entire park and Kajang town. We made lots of funny faces and became cam crazy again.


Merciless Mei Ru tortures me again

Many more could have been done for this park, such as bicycle rental, skate boarding, roller blade-ing and boating (the lake is huge). If I am offered a contract to open a shop there for bicycle rental (plus skate board and roller blade of course, maybe selling hamburgers and snacks as well), I would be filthy rich (and make the place more fun and lively, of course).

We had at dinner at Pizza Uno, Centre Point. The place is under renovation and pack as usual. We decide to order something different, Spanish mushroom and Casablanca Pizza (without cheese), and Italian Tiramisu. The food isn’t perfect, and the day is already perfect. Here ends the anniversary, not without a kiss of course. Simple, fulfilled and fun.

Though I hope I could have done and planned more, like going for a trip or something. But I just wasn’t in the mood to plan something too big and too far. Perhaps some day, I could give her a better date and celebration. Thus, got to work hard to make that happen.

Happy Anniversary! Love you and miss you :)

Photo Link: Mei Ru's Dropshot

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