Thursday, May 18, 2006

Triple Date Part III: Anniversary (Morning Session)

Since it had been a month into our relationship, I supposed we can give ourselves some excuse to do a bit of celebration. Monthly Anniversary we called it (but aren’t anniversary means yearly? Err, who cares). Actually I am still troubled by my workload, but at the same time, I feel like doing something nice for her. I will almost certainly be forever busy, but can’t make it as an excuse not to have fun with her right? Have a great time together, and then have to work even harder lor, haha.

Since it is an anniversary, perhaps it would be nice for me to do the planning. Karaoke in the morning sounds good, since it had been quite a while already. I am not very familiar with this whole Karaoke thingy, where you are supposed to book for Karaoke session (I just know book for movies), and weekend morning are peak because they are cheap. Although the booking didn’t quite work out, we decide to arrive early and give it a try anyway. At the end, we didn’t even try it because she arrived late due to prolonged breakfast with her parents and aunt. Never mind, there are still a lot more to do.

Her mom and dad drop her at my place after breakfast, where they visited my place and have a short chit chat (perhaps her mom wanted to do a survey on me as well? curious folks, and I just notice that my parents aren't very curious people). Since she is having a bowling tournament next week, perhaps it would be nice to take her for some bowling practice session. I am not really into bowling, but it can be fun as well, a weird game. She didn’t perform very well, still trying to figure out some tips to have a more consistently better result. But I think she can bowl pretty well, just need to work on the consistency part. I had a pretty good game, scoring 110+ (I think my all time high is 150+ during secondary school, I wonder how I did that). I have consistency problem as well, but somehow that day is my lucky day as I manage to get into the flow, haha. When you can’t bowl very well, stick to the simple and basic techniques which yield the best results from past experience (more easily said than done, of course).

Bowling King

Bowling Queen

“Luk2, all the best in your tournament and win some cash money to spent with me hor!”

After 2 games, we went for the arcade center just upstairs (saw that during the game). The machines here are pretty fun and interesting, one of the better ones I guess. We went for the drums (I would never tried one of these alone), a knocking game (fun, but short), motorcycle (a bad choice) and a baby competition game (knocking crazily on the button, but some games are meant to loose, syiaks) and my favorite shooting game (using shot guns, way COOL!). We didn’t try the dancing & music machines, perhaps it strike some fear into us after seeing those young chaps demonstrated (it reminds us that we are no longer teens, old biscuit already).

Next stop, fly kite.

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