Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Triple Date Part II: Her M-day & Kit2 B-day

I have to wake up super early again, to visit the super crowded Dr. Ting Skin Specialist (Acne problem, see can become more handsome or not). I think this doctor is super rich, as his clinic is guaranteed packed from 8.30AM to 6.00PM. Last time I waited for 4 hours before my turn, and this time it took me 2 hours as well. Imagine waiting for so long and paying this guy lot of money with the hope that my face will become prettier, what the hell am I doing? I need to earn more money to make this guy even richer, sucks.

Mom & Dad love you like crazy

I don't like the stupid Green Monkey

Today is my turn to join Mei Ru for her Mother’s day. At lunch, it is Kit2 (her nephew) birthday re-celebration. This is a cute little baby, and hopefully he doesn’t turn into a brat anytime soon. Somehow, having a baby at home do lights things up. He is the centre of attention, a mouth piece, and everyone turned childish and funny around him. Baby does bring lots of happiness I guess. We have 2 cakes, and lots of photo (courtesy of Mei Ru, a.k.a Camera Girl) and video taking (courtesy of me, a.k.a Video Man), and good food by her mother. Now I have to worry how to make time to process the video before Mei Ying (Kit2’s mom) chase me for it.

Kit2 B-day Boy

I am feeling super tired (not used to waking up super early anymore after self employment: work late, wake up slightly late), and took a nice afternoon nap at her place.

Night time is Mother’s Day celebration, and dinner is set at some place at Cheras (her Aunt joined as well). Her mom like Chinese food, and probably just like Chinese Food. She is an “Eater” (吃家), meaning she had strong comments on the quality of the food. So, don’t try to suggest some supposing good place to eat which might turned out to be a lousy choice. I think the food there is pretty good, but they claimed the quality had dropped. So, I am definitely not an “Eater” and shouldn’t try to suggest any place to her.

The celebration ended pretty alright, and it is raining again. Mei Ru driving skill is getting better (you need more practice); just that she had a serious problem with directions and narrow parking space. Perhaps the direction gene is missing from her DNA, thus need to practice more lor (先天不足, 后天补救). Nevertheless, she had gotten so much better compared with last time where she doesn't even touch the car much :) 加油!


meiru said...

Yes! I'll add oil ger ler.. hhehe..

btw, Kit2's mom already start chasing for the video la.. hahha..

Mich said...

Bowling Is A Mental Game . Feel your good shots as you make them and imprint it into your mind so you can repeat them. "Imprinting it is the hardest part" That's how we become consistent. Remember your good shots and imagine it again before u start to throw..... Anyway i'm still learning to imagine , it's always easy said than done. Imagination rules...

d_luaz said...

Sometimes consistently get the same score also dunno good or bad :p