Monday, May 08, 2006

Malaysia Most Wanted Dream

Finally I have completed Malaysia Most Wanted Property after 4 months of hard work, sort of at lease. It is still far away from my super huge original plan, but at least it is workable, useful and presentable. My baby had its first BETA on 25 April 2006, and followed by an update on 08 May 2006.

What is Malaysia Most Wanted?
"Malaysia Most Wanted will be an online service to provide the Most Wanted information in Malaysia, in a useful and easy to use manner" For more, read here.

What is Malaysia Most Wanted (MMW) Property then?
"Malaysia Most Wanted Property will be an online property classifieds and research house to provide the most comprehensive information for property buyers find their ideal properties" For even more, read here.

According to Joel, when you start a business (or Micro-ISV), you need to solve a pain. Reduce the pain and troubles of the people had ever since become my number one mantra, at least I try to remember that. What pain do I solve? I once tried to look for a property, ended up being flooded with a lot of options but have no idea whether these offerings are worth my money. Is this a good deal? What is the Market Value? What are the Growth Rate and Rental Yield? Is the developer reputable or had a bad history? How is the location? And most of all, How am I going to find the information I need? Malaysia Most Wanted Property is meant to give answers to all these questions of property buyers.

Though it is still far from perfect (still have many more phases to roll out), but at least it is good at helping property buyers to look for a new property and redirects them to the right information. Malaysia Most Wanted seems much bigger than I initially thought it would be, perhaps the project is too ambitious. I still have strong faith and confidence in the core essence of the idea, which is to provide as much useful information as possible to help property buyers to find and decide on their ideal properties, for home or investment.

It would be nice though if I get some sponsors or VCs funding to get this idea through, and make it a real Malaysia Most Wanted service.

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M a r s said...

You dont have to be going with designs like Google you know (the header part). Correct me if I'm wrong but its just the way I see it.