Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Chemistry of My Entrepreneurship Path

Many months had passed and I wonder what had I done with my life. Perhaps I am wasting time, perhaps I wanted to break out of the conventional box and trying something I would be happy with in the future. Anyway, the process is always difficult because we are uncertain.

My current life reminds me of when I am working part time while studying in college, doing some fun and exciting R&D job while earning minimum wages. After 6 years, I am still earning minimum wages and doing something new and exciting (how ironic). Seems like I had restarted my career cycle again, perhaps in a different playing field.

Thing seems to be getting slightly better lately. I have a recurring business from a long time client in Ipoh to work on some MRP Engineering software, which should cover my expenses for 2 months. I might get a contract from ex-company, which could potentially cover my expenses for 1 month. Then the might be a SMS-based Prepaid Card Top-up project venture with Mei Ru’s brother-in-law, but that still seems a little bit distance in term of investment and feasibility. And I have my pocket money on teaching a bunch of lovely kids computer lessons. Perhaps it is time to print some business cards.

I always thought that Freelance Software Development is short-term income, as they fluctuate, but they do pay well. Perhaps until the day I put in some investment to churn some products out, but then I would have sales & marketing problem as well (got to masters these essential business skills).

Then what is long term income? Something which might generate recurring income, without the full effort of development from scratch. Meaning I would need to build a business system which would let me enjoys the fruit for the long-term with minimum maintenance effort. I could choose a Software Product or Service. I had chosen a service, thus Malaysia Most Wanted is born. Why I chosen it? That’s another long analysis for next time.

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