Tuesday, April 25, 2006

sour to the heart, bitter to the soul

Today there is a certain sadness that gulps up the throat, yet I have to swallow it down.

I never though that it would be that fast before the first drop of tears fell, as I have not gotten tired with all the happiness, laughter and romance. Sadness and arguments are anticipated, but the nevertheless, it still taste sour to the heart and bitter to the soul. Perhaps 24 April 2006 is not a good day, and it is definitely a bad day for us. Not a day I would like to remember, but perhaps it is meant for a greater journey ahead.

Today I work extremely hard for a deadline, I was tired and busy, but I was very enthusiastic and the adrenaline is pumping. Though it is hard work, but I was happy and excited doing it. By the time I crossed the finished line and completed my work, I felt no happiness, as there is no one waiting for me at the finish line. I felt despair and lonely, waiting and praying for a certain familiar voice to appear.

No matter what it may be, I would try my best to ensure our happiness, as the tune of beating is synchronized.

No matter what it may be, I hope the tune of beating is synchronized once again, as I had already fallen deep for it.

No matter what it may be, my intention is to care for you, and not to hurt you in any way.

No matter what it may be, I love you ...

Friend, please don’t ask. My emotions need to flow with words.

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