Friday, June 17, 2005

Botanical Garden

My colleagues and I went for a trip at Botanical Garden in Putrajaya. I promised to post about some sometime ago, here it goes.

We went to the Botanical Garden for cycling, following our previous cycling trip to Bukit Cherakah Agriculture Park, Shah Alam (as well as for the fact that Mei Ru like cycling and didn't manage to do so during her childhood, poor city gal). The bicycles here are extremely new and in top-notch condition, with suspension and 3x7=21 speed. Too bad the area is too small, you could practically finish rounding the area within 5 minutes. The landscape is nicely done. The garden is next to the Putrajaya Lake, which is huge and comes with boat rides. Nearby is the Putrajaya Wetlands, but it is temporary closed down due to funding problem.

We are having a break after cycling in a sunny day. The handsome boy on the right is Weng.

Michelle and Mei Ru trying out the kiddie bicycle. Somehow they seem smaller and shorter, maybe that's how they do the camera trick for The Hobbits.

Having Nando's for lunch in the food court near the Putrajaya Mosque. The pretty one of the left is Weng's girlfriend, who is also the sister of our ex-colleague, Mee Mee. Followed by Rathi, Rocklon, Chim, Michelle, Wynn and Me.

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