Saturday, February 18, 2006

15th February is her Day

15th February is a significant day, a day which I witness someone tear’s rolling down her cheek like the morning dew, a day which someone start to grow up and make decision for herself, and a day where everything could actually turn to better due to the courage to change.

I am really taken by surprise of her courage, yet she had her weaker moment when guilt kicks in. No one is perfect, but I am happy for her, and I am glad for choosing to be by her side in the time of need of a shoulder to cry on.

Now, I could really felt her relieve and her growth. She had perhaps turn into someone who she always want to be, perhaps now with the freedom and confidence to start taking some baby steps to something better. I think she had transformed herself slowly to a much happier person, with many more to learn and explore. Once the first step is taken, the potential and possibility is infinity, in so many ways.

I really hope …

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