Sunday, February 05, 2006

Korean Comedy/Love Movies are Absolutely Enjoyable

The first Korean movie of comedy/love genre I lay my eyes on is WindStruck, which is absolute superb: fun, happy, sassy, motivating, strong loveship in a funny way, but with a sad ending.

I happened to stumble upon Too Beautify To Lie sometimes ago, and it is simply enjoyable: hilarious and, hilarious. It just feel good watching it, as the Koreans are really cute and funny. Especially the girls, they are not really pretty but with certain adorable yet rebellious character and attitude.

Today I watched “My Little Bride” on TV, and it is about a man (Sang-min) marrying a 16 years old girl (Bo-eun) out of an arranged marriage kinda thing. At first Bo-eun didn’t quite like him, and ditch him of the honeymoon and go date the boy she loves and started a relationship. Sang-min had been really nice to her, as he kinda like the girl since young (which she found out later). One day Sang-min found out that his wife is dating the boy, she cries out of guilt and he consoles her. He didn’t blame her at all, as he thinks that she might not really like him (as their marriage is kinda forced). This moment is really devastating, and I felt the man is ready to let go of her. At the end, the girl proclaims her love to him and they live happily ever after.

Korean Comedy/Love movies are simple, funny, relaxing and can be romantic at times. A good watch to keep the body and mind relaxed and happy. Maybe I should look for more of them.

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