Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I love Dun Wanna Sleep (不想睡)

I first heard of this song in Chim's Car. Somehow, I really like the music. Probably this is my most lovable song for year 2005. I seldom pay attention to the lyrics of the songs I am listening, so I am pretty sure the music captures my heart. It sounds bit Chinese classical and mysterious, and perhaps embedded with a very simple sense of desire. It had been quite a while since I last love a song.

The following is some logical postmortem of the songs, after I had fallen in love with it. The title of the song is Dun Wanna Sleep (不想睡), which I quite like since I always sleep late and enjoy the serenity of night. I think this is a love song (not very good at interpreting songs, in fact this is the first time), as there are fate, romance, love and the sense between dream and realism. In terms of lyrics, I think my focus is on the chorus, "不想睡 我要陪你一整夜" (Dun Wanna Sleep, I wanna be with you the whole night), or perhaps "夢做一半比較美 愛我的人還沒睡" (Half a dream is more beautiful, the one who love me haven't sleep).

Anyway, this is a song I like very much, and the lyrics quite suite my taste as well. I always wonder why people post song lyrics up their blog, now I understand why (might not for the same reason though). Since when did I become such a sentimental person?

不想睡 - 梁靜茹

宇宙中 默默自轉的星球
我看過 瞬間燃燒的花火

*我醉過 真夏冰釀的美酒
那種微酸的滋味 有點微醺的感覺
夢做一半比較美 愛我的人還沒睡

#不想睡 我要陪你一整夜
我要幸福的催眠 天旋地轉的暈眩
不想睡 我要陪你一整夜
我要今天的完美 不要明天的幻覺

我看過 瞬間燃燒的花火

重唱 *,#

雪花盛開在風中 是你緊緊抱著我
淚光在閃動 一閃 一道彩虹

重唱 #

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xaverri said...

Its one of my fave for last year too =) usually don't pay much attention to the lyrics, it was also the music/tune that caught my attention..