Monday, February 06, 2006

Bad Boys are the Desired Breed

Sometimes or somehow, the statement “men who aren't bad, girls will not like” (男人不坏,女人不爱) would seems to cross our mind. Why would some super gorgeous girl will fall for a scumbag? Why Rockers always get a super gorgeous girl (sometimes more than one)? Why does Kaiser the 17 years old boy get to have two girlfriends without buying them any presents (in fact, the girls gave him presents)? Why no matter how badly a man treat a women (imagine beating), she just wouldn’t leave him?

I have the following hypothesis on why Good Girls like Bad Boys:
  • The opposite attract, good doesn’t like good, good likes bad
  • Being bad makes you unique, more desirable, more mysterious, more attitude
  • Good is boring. Being good means doing what is expected of you by the social society’s standard. There is not surprise, no excitement.
  • Perhaps there is a deep dark inner desire of girl to be treated badly at times. Is like SM, where someone would enjoy being the masochist (the one being whipped). They found unexplainable joy within pain.
  • Be with someone bad is like being with the rebels. Somehow there is something desirable about being with the rebels, rather the great general of the main force. Think of character like HK Gangster Big Brother, Cold Blooded Killer, The Great Thief or The Street Racer, all the characters have super Chun chick with them all the time, don’t mind being treated badly and would support the love of their life at any cost (too much movies’ influence here)
Who would like bad boys? I think younger girls have the highest tendency of falling for bad boys, as they are looking for a more exciting life (and perhaps an exciting romance as well). Somehow the more they are ignored, they would like him better (and treat him even better).

Is there any hope for the bad boys? The answer should be yes. When the younger girls had grown up, they would get fed up with the bad boys and start looking for something more gentle and secure. They want to be treated nicely and be pampered instead.

The above is pretty much stereotyped based on my own assumption. Somehow I feel that the “bad” element in us had an important role to play. You don’t want to be Mr. Nice Guy, as all the girls would say he is nice but no one want to be with him. Even if you are a good boy, you need to be “bad” at times. Perhaps it is the balance, Yin and Yang, Black and White. You always need the opposite force to balance things up, so that it won’t overflow. Perhaps we shouldn’t feel guilty when we are being “bad”, “evil” or “naughty”. A good dosage of badness would do us some good, just like how drugs are used in small dosage for medical purpose. You can be a gentleman and treat the person you like nicely (hopelessly romantic), but certain badness is required at times to complete the work. Perhaps life is just like that, you are never meant to be an extremist or purist (even a good guy need to be bad at times).

PS: Compliments from About Nude, Not Naked on why girls start with bad boys and might probably end up with good boys.

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leona said...

I have a fren who always fall for bad boys only to have a painful ending. I guess it is only the initial attraction coz everyone has a rebel side but not a committed kind of relationship.

d_luaz said...

Good boys are like fine dine, it takes someone wise to appreciate them. Bad boys are like fast food, almost everyone eat those though they are crappy food.