Sunday, February 19, 2006

Cool Office Furniture

I finally have a set of SOHO furniture of my own, a very nice Galant Series from IKEA.

I wanted a big table, for all the computer equipment and gadgets, not to mention some creativity space for writing and doodling. Conventional office or study table just won’t suit my needs, and standard computer table are hopeless. The Galant series is super cool, and I bought 3 combination pieces which consist of a big Center Table, a Half Round Table and a small Square Table Top. It is Birch Veneer in colour, spacious, cool with minimum leg obstruction. I bought another MALM Cabinet Drawer of the same colour to create some much needed storage space. I wanted another super cool INGO Glass Cabinet for store some nice stuff, but it is out of stock.

I still need to pickup INGO Glass Cabinet one day and probably, a super cool techy chair from Office Automation by tomorrow, and perhaps a stand-on white drawing board like those used in hotel conference (if I know where to get one).

I wonder how the effect of these goodies on my productivity and motivation level is.

Besides being happy with the goods, I am very happy in the process of selecting and assembling them as well with a very special someone. It kinda put memory and life into the furniture, so to speak, yeah!

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