Thursday, June 01, 2006

Busy Busy Boy

Life had been extremely busy, and yet still has to squeeze the limited time I have in life for work, relationship and fun. Probably these are the 3 biggest time pie of my life at this current moment. Isn’t it sad we spent so much time in our life working? Hmm, what should we do then? Travel the world and have fun most of the time I guess.

I wonder is there a way to enjoy life without working an unhappy job (not really unhappy as well, but how about an absolutely happy job). I mean is it possible for all to be fun and enjoyment, including our work (working as our interest and adventure, rather than worry about money), relationship (more good times, less bad times) and having fun (absolutely). I think it is possible, I just haven’t figure out how. Ya Ya, it is all in our mind, but how? (Show Me The Money! Ops, The Way)

Perhaps our purpose in life is not to enjoy life, but to go through life (and sadly, the package had more than happiness to offer). Do we need a balance of all the good and bad elements in life? Perhaps only through mistakes and sadness that we will learn, grow and improve. As usual, there is no perfectness and extremism is not welcomed.

While waiting for my email attachment (which take forever to upload), I wanted to blog about my recent trip to Gung Angsi (since I have the videos as well), but end up bloging about this and felt like talking philosophical crap again. But I am already too tired and sleepy, so perhaps next time when priority in real life hasn’t taken too much precedence.

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