Tuesday, June 13, 2006

In The Moment

It had been 2 months, she says,

In the moment whisper becomes a stirring ... I think of our secrets.
You are my confidante.

In the moment when laughter becomes abandon ... I think of our compatibility.
You are my friend.

In the moment when attraction becomes surrender ... I think of our passion.
You are my lover.

In the moment when glimmer becomes radiance ... I think of our future.
You are my tomorrow.

In the moment when ascent becomes triumph, I realize love transform the ordinary - and ours is an extraordinary love.
You are my forever.

and I replied,

PS: Though I am a lousy poet with bad English, but I can always try :)


christine said...

good try and good poem!!!!!I appreciate that you can write sth from your heart, I can really feel it! In fact, your English is not poor. Try more! I can tell Meiru must love it! You are a nice boyfriend, keep at it! Also, the pic is very nice, you guys look so sweet!

d_luaz said...

TQ :) I like the pic, and she love it too

christine said...

yeah, the pic is really nice, I can see how " 幸福” in both of your smiling faces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

meiru said...

It's nice, tq tq! ô.ô