Thursday, June 01, 2006

Gunung Angsi

In preparation for the Gunung Raja (King of Mountain) climb, we had a practice run at Gunung Angsi last weekend. Initially I thought Gunung Raja to be a relaxing weekend getaway, but it turns out to be a much tougher climb than Gunung Kinabalu, perhaps twice as hard. With limited training and average fitness, let’s hope for the best.

This time we get to meet a lot of Tang’s friends, who happens to be regular mountain trekkers. We have Xiong Ha (上下, roughly translated as Up-Down) the man, who speak very loud and joke a lot. Then we have Gu Wen (顾问) the Feng Shui consultant, who is a funny and caring person. Other new friends include Chu Ling Ling (Xiong Ha’s niece, who happens to look like a friend of mine, Ting – tall and fair, even the hairstyle and behavior is slightly similar) and Freddy (Mich’s friend, rugged and sturdy, and somehow had a common face which look like all the not so famous stars)


Gunung Angsi is situated at Ulu Bendul, some kind of forest reserved park. It had a water stream and a fairly challenging track for weekenders. The climb would take 2-3 hours, and the path become pretty steep and challenging after the first hour. The view is just average, nothing too special or beautiful about it. Wynn felt uncomfortable during the journey, as she had not exercise for a long time. I think this ex-sportswoman will pick up her pace again pretty fast.

Rest & Photo

Wynn, pull harder!

The top of the mountain is quite a disappointment, with just a small piece of grass land with another average view. This place is fairly crowded, with almost 100 people resting, eating, playing and chit chatting. We have a nice rest here, with satisfying and energizing Milo and snacks. There are 2 routes to the top; we took the longer 2-3 hours path, while the other only takes 1 hour.

Lunch at the Top, Picnic Style

As usual, the path going down is painful due to the constant pressure on the legs, and yet has to beware of our steps. I wonder how others could travel down at a much faster speed, perhaps I am being too cautious, or I am just not fit enough. Anyway, everyone have their own pace.

Group Photo

The foothill of Gunung Angsi seems to be quite a popular picnic site, with shady spots and clear and cool water streams. The entire place is flooded with people like a public pool on weekend. We have our fair share of cool water bath and are on our way home.

Wynn had a massive headache, while I came down with a slight fever (I already felt slightly sick in the morning). I spent a night at Mei Ru’s place as I felt too tired and dizzy to drive home. Let’s hope next weekend Gunung Raja Trekking and Camping would be much more exciting and fun. One thing for sure, it shall be a very challenging climb (be prepared for a lot of muscle pain and psychological challenge). Why do we like suffering?

Video Link: 1, 2, 3 and All

Photo Link: Mei Ru's Multipla


meiru said...

wei wei, it's Gunung Rajah la, not Raja :)

christine said...

nice vedio! you guys seems to have lots of fun in the hiking....