Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Latin Dance Exam Afterthought

Last Sunday was my Latin Bronze and Silver exam, and it sure is exhausting.

At 1st I wasn’t very serious or nervous about the examination, as I had too much thought in my mind and too much work in my hand. I didn’t attend much of the Wednesday round of practice, and didn’t even have the time to practice with Mei Ru during the weekend. I just attend my usual dance classes, with a few supplementary classes. I didn’t even get to practices solo dancing much as well.

My Class

I had this dilemma. I didn’t practice much as I am busy, but the rest seems to be hard at work. So, seeing everyone very anxious about the exam and working hard kinda make me worry. Besides, I see some of them are getting much better than me. Perhaps it is a choice I had made.

Let's Fight!

Don't Kill Me

In life, with limited time, we can only choose to be good at a few things. In school, I just take sports as leisure (no talent, no competition), and concentrate on striving in academics. This let me to realize one thing; it can be a painful journey to be damn good at something. If I take sports seriously, I would need to train vigorously. Though I might be very good at it, but there is a price to pay, the sweat and time. Perhaps taking things easy and enjoy sports as it is would be much better. So what if someone beat me in a game, I just wanna have some fun and sweat a bit.

After the Exam, dont't we look good :)

The same goes for dancing, I have no intention to be a great dancer (neither do I have the talent if I planned to). I just wanna enjoy dance as it is, a weekly activity, and perhaps sometimes go to some dance party to enjoy myself. And probably when I grow old, I can still manage to dance with my love one. I once heard the president of KLDA (Kuala Lumpur Dance Association) said, “Let me dance as it is, just to enjoy it, not to win nor to show”

Our Examinar, a nice lady

BTW, the dance examination goes pretty well with both my partner, Mei Ru and Michelle. No mistakes and I think we did pretty well. This is probably the best performance in my life, in my own heart at least :)

The Class of Al Chifar

Photo Link: Mich's Multiply, Mei Ru's Multiply and Tang

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