Thursday, June 22, 2006

Tioman Part II: The Forgotten

Hmm, it had been so long and I can’t quite remember what happened on day II. Perhaps just a quick and short one.

We went for snorkelling, where this time we are more experienced. The corals here are much more beautiful compared to Pulau Tiga’s Survivor Island back in Sabah. They are abundant and colourful accompanied by lots of pretty fishes as well. We get to feed the fishes with bread this time, and the feeling of being bitten by a whole lot of fishes is scary at first, but turn out to be an interesting experience in the end.

Hand in hand, snorkelling, hehe

Later we get to visit a white sandy beach and have lunch there. The beach is absolutely marvellous, with fine and white sand. It’s like paradise by just lying down on them. We did some simple swimming and snorkelling here as well, with less corals but lots of fishes (as long as you have the bread).

Sand Man and the Bond Girls

Fine White Sands

Then we visited the Marine Park, where the water is deep but milky (pretty scary) with lots of big fishes. I saw one of the bigger fish try to chomp my finger off when feeding them. Besides the jetty, big floating platform, bigger fish and scary ocean, the place is pretty much boring. Perhaps too much snorkelling for the day.

The last stop is dunno monkey bay or donkey bay, a shallow bay with lots of corals. A very relaxing sight and we played around on the boat and took lots of photo. On the way back to the island, we get to sit in front of the speed boat, absolutely superb!

Why this female captain so manly one?

Basically, we didn’t do too much during this trip. We missed the diving, waterfall and some land activities. Perhaps should really do diving if there is a next trip, should be pretty cool. The trip is fun and relaxing, and the companies are really great.

Lion King

We had dinner, with a nice sleep, take the speed boat back to Mersing, drive to Batu Pahat for overnight + Karaoke, and on our way back to KL, just in time for my computer class with the kids, and treat Wynn a nice dinner for her kind hospitality.

Photo Link: Mei Ru's Dropshots 3, 4, 5 & 6.


Mich said...

How can you forget your tioman trip? It's your most romantic day and most memorable trip

d_luaz said...

Nah, I only remembered about the romantic part and forgot about the rest, HAHA :)