Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Gunung Rajah Day 1

It seems to be a common ritual nowadays that after every trip, there shall be pictures, video and blog (and they are extremely time consuming, especially the later two).

Went to Gunung Rajah last weekend for 3 days 2 night mountain trekking and camping. Gunung Rajah is supposed to be part of Banjaran Titiwangsa, and the starting point for the climb is at some waterfall near Bentong.

Super Heavy Load

We wake up super early to meet somewhere near Batu Caves before driving to Bentong for breakfast, and start conquering the mountain about 9 plus. I think our baggage weight between 10-15 Kg along the way. The first 10 minutes is extremely steep, as it was supposed to be a shortcut compared to a 30-40 minutes walk. Mei Ru felt some cramp on her old injuries last week at Angsi, but luckily she is alright. We trek on a normal mud path for about an hour, before moving into a jungle trail filled with leeches. Everyone got 2-3 leeches on average, and I got sucked at two spots. Ah Fong a.k.a Ah Lian is most afraid of creepy crawler, and she can shout until the sky tremble and had an eagle eye for leeches.

Photo Time!

Happy Moments

Along the way you could see the water stream which forms the waterfall at the foothill. It is nice to hear the sound of water along the way. The trekking took around 5-6 hours before we reached a nice water spot for rest. This place had a vast rock place to rest and dry your cloth, and extremely cold water for a simple swim and natural water Jacuzzi (extremely powerful). The water is way too cold, and the warmth of sun manages to ease it a bit. This is a nice spot to rest and relax after a long journey of tiring climb. The water is clear and sweet, much better than bottled mineral water.

Don't pull me

You know how to use sunblock or not?

After about 2 hours of play time, we hike for another 1 hour to reach our 1st camp site of the night. This place is nothing too magnificent, in the middle of the jungle near the water stream. We quickly setup our camp and tent before the night fall, and Ah Fong the master chef starts instructing her minions to prepare to food. We had a cold water bath as well.

Wet Girl

We had a great meal for the night, with nice warm and fluffy rice, salted chicken, onion omelets and soup, and vegetables as well. We had a great chef, and brought a lot of food up (it explains all the extra weight we had to carry up to afford such luxury). We even have Fu Juk Yi Mai for dessert, great huh? At night, we had wine and Roasted Chicken Slice. Is like heaven on earth, ahhh. Mr. Up Down (Xiong Ha) and Ah Fong are funny people with lots of jokes under their sleeves and cheer everyone up for the night. We had a great night.

Master Chef at Work

The 1st night isn’t too cold. The weather is just nice. Too bad there are too many trees and the stars manage to hide among them. We slept under the fly ship and on top of the ground ship, laid out our floor map and tuck inside our sleeping bag and hug each other to sleep.

The trip is much manageable than I initially thought, which is absolutely great!

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