Thursday, June 22, 2006

Gunung Rajah Day 2

Day 2, as more adventures unfold.

The morning isn’t very cold at the 1st camp site, and we were greeted with porridge with mini oyster and beans for breakfast. It is pretty good in fact, probably the best porridge I had ever eaten. We spent some time doing our morning business; we pack our stuff, keep out camps and tents, and ready to roll out. For all responsible campers out there, please don’t leave your rubbish in the jungle. Nature friendly please, Peace!

Wakup in the Morning Tent

Somehow the weight of the bag seems heavier, though we had eaten a lot of the food. No more flat land walking, the trail is pretty steep all the way, among the woods. As usual, all the sweat cover my face and eyes along the way, probably lost a few liters of water. After an hour, we reached a mini hilltop. The view is quite excellent here, slight windy with a very popular tree for climbing.

We are in front of the peak of Gunung Rajah

Tang on the popular climbing tree

After some rest, we continue trekking to the next challenge, wall climbing. It is not actually a wall, but it is pretty steep until ropes are required. It is still manageable, not as bad as those walls back in KK. After the wall, we need to fill up our water bottle for further usage at the top (yup, no water at the top). This stretch of trek is pretty nice, as the land is soft with some pretty special grass. It is kinda misty and cold as well, so it kinda has a mysterious feel.

The Mystrious Grass

When we reached the top, it started to rain slightly. Get the rain coat out and cover our bags with plastics. We quickly setup our camp, and the chef start cooking before it is dark. There is limited space on the top, and it can get quite windy at times, lucky our tent is quite protected from the wind. Since we lack of water supplies, me and Ah Seong volunteered to go down to get the water. It is supposed to be an hour of journey, I think we made it within less than 30 minutes. Ah Seong is quite a runner and mountain climber, and can hardly keep up with his pace.

There is a pretty nice stone platform at the very top, where we could see a lot of mountains, beautiful sky, the town of Jerantut (I think) and Genting. The weather changes pretty fast up there, one moment is it foggy, the next it is cleared. Nevertheless, the view is magnificent and it definitely feels good to stand on the top of the world.

Mich with Matrix Style on top of the world!

We had another great dinner up there, thanks to the master chef, Ah Fong. We had Lap Cheong (腊肠), Sei Dai Tin Wong (四大天王), Onion Egg, Salted Fish (super delicious), Soup and Rice. We had dinner at the top of the world, and it is absolutely one of the best moments in life. A sunset dinner at the top with my love one beside me sharing the small bowl of rice, what more could I ask for :)

Our absolutely delicious dinner

At night, it rains again. More people have to move into the closed camps, while less people can fit into the open air tents. We have Fan Shu Tong Sui (番薯糖水) for the night as well, but the weather is very cold. Luckily we had the Jacket, Sleeping Bag, Floor Mat and Head Cover. We played some games just like back in Survivor Island with Tang; she is good, but not very active in asking relevant questions.

After we fall asleep, another group of Malays came up during the middle of the night. Thus, we had to make some space for them, since real estate is rare up there. Actually it is pretty dangerous of them to climb during the night, and inconvenient with no place to camp.

That’s all for Day 2, and Day 3 is downhill all the way.

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