Monday, July 17, 2006

Getting Along 101

When the relationship just began, everything is just good and beautiful. As we share more, we unveil our strength and weakness, the pretty and ugly side, and compatible and incompatible. As we understand each other deeper, we learn that there are more to be understood. No matter what we found out or understand, we still wanna love each other and get along fine. But sometimes, it is easier said than done, especially when we are the party involved.

So, perhaps it is the right time for me to blog on a relationship survival series, Getting Along 101. It is based on my experience and the challenges I faced now and then, with great bias towards my perception and knowledge. I think the first article is unintentionally launched as To Fix it, or not to Fix.

My effort is kinda inspired by Positive Thinking, where the author had a series on Happiness at Work. He make himself the Chief Happiness Officer and launched a series on Monday Tips on how to make yourself happy at work. I wonder should I give myself the title of Dr. Love? Haha, perhaps not, Mr. Try-to-Fix-it is more like it.

At least this could serve as a guide for me to understand our problem, sharing my view with her and perhaps, find out a way for us to get along in between.

The next topic is: Disagreement is Inevitable

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