Sunday, July 16, 2006

Power Nap

Read an interesting article about the latest craze in Japan, Power Nap.

It seems like they are encouraging people to take a 15-30 minutes nap time after lunch. The Schools actually switch of the light, turn on some soft music and ask the students to take a brief nap. No more guilt in trying to steal some nap time in between and it is actually encouraged and part of standard practice, and they even create a nice sleeping environment for it. The same goes for Toyota. In Japan, they even have a Nap Salon for office worker to take brief nap after lunch.

I mean the idea is great. Everyone knows you probably would felt sleepy after lunch, and almost everyone will try to secretly secure some nap time. Why not just endorsed it, make nap time “legal” and make the best out of it by providing a good nap environment. It seems like a nap shouldn’t be too long, as we shall fall into a deep sleep and wake up grouchy and tired. 15-30 minutes is just nice.

From now onwards, I think I should practice 30 minutes of lunch and 30 minutes of nap time (and try to control myself not to oversleep).

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