Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Right is Wrong, and Wrong might be Right

Probably for the 1st time in my life, I was told some many things I thought is right, is actually wrong, not to mention the number of criticism and frustration. Perhaps I am wrong in the sense that I think of spreading something which I thought is good to others is actually a good thing. Perhaps the fact is beauty lies in the eye of beholder, and one man’s food might be another’s poison.

There is Natural Selection, there is Evolution, there is God's plan and Desmond’s Intervention is not part of it. There are probably more than a dozens of religions out there, and everyone get to pick their own version of the bible. Thinking in that sense, perhaps I try to act like a savior or evangelist when I really shouldn't. MYOB should they say, though it might sounds rude, but there are quite a lot of wisdom within it. Sometimes it is hard to see things from others perspective, but telling does help. God gave us freewill, and everyone had it (besides the Angels, hehe).

Sometimes, more is less, and less is more. Like the Word of Wisdom from Kenny: Respect, Lots of Love and perhaps some Tact as well :)

Perhaps I am just too studborn and supremo.

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