Tuesday, August 15, 2006

New Blogger in Beta: Support for categorisation!

After some rambling to find a better blog software because blogger kinda sucks, I found that my prayers had answered in an unexpected way. A new Blogger is available in Beta version! Somehow, I could always depend on Google, though they are quite slow this time, but better late than never.

What’s new?
  • Support for blog categorization using labels
  • Access control for blogs (think private blog)
  • A more intuitive layout and templating system (think drag and drop)
  • More feed options
  • A more powerful dashboard?
  • Dynamic Publishing (faster?)
  • And more (I’m not quite sure what’s more)
The new version is in kinda closed beta, so I can’t migrate yet until I am invited. Though I am allowed to create a new account and try out the new feature, but I am just not that enthusiastic. I just wanna make Blue Dragon better. Fingers crossed and hope for the best :)

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