Thursday, August 17, 2006

Malaysian need to feel safe and shoot the bad people

Denny Crane said, what does Americans want?
  • A safe home
  • Keep the money they earned
  • Shoot the bad people
  • Protect the people they love
I think Malaysians want that as well (at least I do). A safe place where I don’t need layers of iron grills and locks to protect the house, and neither should I worry someone would rob or snatch when I have a walk around. No tax perhaps, as we all want to keep all the money we earned. I guess we didn’t get to shoot the bad people as we are not allowed to carry firearms, but wouldn’t it be great to strike fear into the criminals rather than letting them strike fears into us. Protect the people we loved? I only hope we are capable of doing so in times of needs.

I guess this country pretty much felt like an unsafe place to live in lately, where there are fears among the citizen. Look around you:
  • Every house is grilled up with layers of locks
  • We have easily detachable handbags to keep yourself from being harmed by snatch thieves
  • We panics when we heard motorcycle sounds from behind
  • No one dare to have a walk too early in the day or too late in the night
  • Multiple layers of security is required for our cars
  • We must remember to lock our cars once we get in or get out
  • It is depressing to read newspaper with some many crimes and death happening
  • People are getting killed and raped in robbery incidents
  • More and more dead bodies are being found around the city
I guess we are in the defensive and haunted with constant amount of fear. We need to make this country a safer place to live, where our children can roam freely without us worrying about harms brought by others. We need to feel safe even though we forgot to lock the doors, we need to feel safe even when we don’t have fences and grills, and we need to feel safe when we have a walk with our loves one.

We need a safe country, and more happy news when reading the newspaper. We need to feel safe. We need a safe home, keep the money we earned, shoot the bad people and protect the people we love :)


meiru said...

Sometimes reading newspapers will really make me upset and weep...all the bad news, all the unfortunate...

Let's pray together for a better tomorrow.

william wilstroth said...

my wife: hey, you lock the door already ar...

Groggily, i go do the following:

1. Check the (4) locks in the main door
2. Check the kitchen door lock to the verandah
3. Check if the windows are lock
4. Check if the ceiling hole is lock
5. Check the gas lock
6. Finally check our own bedroom lock...

ado... lets open house and invite everyone to sleep together...

d_luaz said...

haha, perhaps should deploy reverse psychology, open all the doors as wide as possible, see if anyone dare to come in :)