Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Loc8tor: Gadget to help you find lost objects

Haven’t we always misplaced our keys or mobile, and looking for them up and down before leaving the house (worst still when we are running late). Haven’t we got out of the house, then only we realized that we forgotten something? Or aren’t we afraid that we might drop and lost something on the way? Fear not, Loc8tor is here: it helps you to locate your lost items.

I think this device is really cool and useful. It use audio and visual cue to guide you to your lost items up to 183 meters away. It had a nifty green LCD to point to the correct direction, and probably output some sound when things get nearer as well. With the Loc8tor plus, you can even setup an invisible safety boundary just incase any of your items or human leave the boundary, and vibrating alarm is activated and item identified. Good for children going astray or wallet being pickpocket.

A good present for forgetful friend perhaps?

The original review is here.

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