Friday, August 04, 2006

The Problogger Craze

Nowadays, there seems to be awful lot of self proclaimed probloggers, either it sounds cool, or they actually thought blogger=problogger, or they hope to make a living out of blogging.

What is a blogger? Someone who own a blog and writes.

So, what makes a problogger? Hmm, pro=professional, so it means you got to make a living out of it. So, it shall be your full time job, and it should be earning you at least RM1K per month (the very minimum for you to live a descent life in Malaysia).

What about a part-time blogger who earn less than that? If you do part time, you are an amateur, not a pro. If you can’t make a living out of it, you aren’t really pro, aren’t you? Or at least, a lousy pro.

So what if everyone in the blogosphere knows me and I am very popular? Perhaps that makes you a celebrity. Are you a pro then? Perhaps when you cash in on your popularity.

If you are earning a descent leaving through income from blogging, perhaps that would make a problogger, else, you are just a blogger. I mean blogger is a writer; you become professional when you start to earn money from it.

Do I want to be a problogger? Hmm, I am afraid I am not cut to be a problogger, though I like writing at times, and it would make me happy if I manage to make some pocket money out of it.

What do I need to do to become a problogger?
  • Some says you need to buy yourself a domain name and install some proper blogging tool such as WordPress or Movable Type (I only have the free Blue Dragon)
  • Some says you have to write everyday at a consistent rate, creating value and write whatever is in demand or pay well (I guess I didn’t fare quite well in this, I only write when I like on what I like)
  • Master the skill in optimization of Adsense Dollar, or any other online advertising provider (I am just trying out and earning a few penny a day)
  • Perhaps good English as well (mine is just average, with lots of easily spotted mistakes once I post, and others which I have no idea what’s wrong with them)
  • And perhaps visit the problogger shrine frequently and learn everything there (I had read 2-3 most popular posts though)
  • Figure out a way to get popular and drive more traffic to your blog (Hmm, what marketing plan?)
So, I guess I am far from being a problogger. Though it sounds like an interesting job, but I think I am better at making my money either through employment as a programmer, or work on my freelance projects, or teach computer lessons to children. Though my ultimate dream is to be a tech entrepreneur, but that is still a long way to go.

My business need to be my passion. Though I enjoy blogging, but it isn’t really my passion. Perhaps programming is, though frustrating at many times.

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