Friday, August 18, 2006

Yet Another Productivity Challenge

Due to the overwhelmed success of my last self-challenge (Ahem!), I decide to give it another try. Since I am the boss, there is no one to watch over me except myself. But I can’t really trust myself fully, thus this blog post shall be my witness.

When I created MMW Property, I took 3 months or more because I developed a lot of the stuffs from scratch, including the Framework and UI (bad move). Now, with a new framework (quite up to speed now), using some free templates and reusing some of the existing codes, I should have better productivity and better quality of codes.

After MMW Property and Software, here comes MMW ProjectX. ProjectX should take around 3 weeks to complete, but I decide to throw in some challenges and make it 2 weeks (around 5 days per week). 4 days had passed, and I got the basic information page up with some pretty cool features. Now it is time to push it further and polished it at the end.

Day 1-4 (Completed)
  • Meddling with the new framework
  • Get the basic Information Page up
  • Playing with CSS the beast
  • Build a neat image viewer
  • Find a neat markup language
Day 5-10
  • Google Map integration
  • Javascript Tag Selector
  • Contribute/Comment/Review feature
  • Identify changes by user & date
  • Intuitive search feature
  • Main page design
  • Div Folding
  • URL Click Tracking
After Day 10
  • Data Mining & Data Entry
  • PR Work
Come to think of it, ProjectX is quite a beast to handle, sometimes it’s hard to keep things small and slick. Wish me luck to finish in time, as I still have a business proposal to rush for September.

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