Thursday, August 17, 2006

Gunung Datuk: Quick & Steep with Nice Scenery

In preparation for the Gunung Charlie Trekking, we had a training session at Gunung Datuk near Rembau and Seremban (Direction is here). I somehow missed the alarm clock and didn’t wakeup on time until Tang gave me a rang wondering where I am. So we are late and have to resort to meeting them on the R&R along the highway.

It had been quite a while since my last Gunung Rajah climb, and I didn’t get to exercise much since then (so the stamina kinda deteriorate). Anyway, Datuk is a short and challenging climb, it takes around 2 hours to reach the top, but 1st half of the journey is definitely quite steep. Datuk literally take the breathe out of you, so it should be a good weekend training ground if you wish to build up your stamina for bigger climbs.

Rest and Makan!

Datuk’s mountain top is quite a reward as well. There is quite a large area of flat ground on top for resting and cooking. The scenic views lies on the rock platform, which you’ll have to climb further up with the help of ropes and ladders which is already available there. Since there might be a lot of people, do expect quite a lot of traffic jam (one way path). The view is quite magnificent, windy with a lot of openness. Beautiful greenery, rock platform and able to see some small towns afar. There is quite a few interesting spot to lay back and enjoy your victorious moment at the top.

Sex Predators

Rock Platform (Heaven is up there!)

The Peak and the 3 wise girls


I guess trekking had always been such.
  • In the beginning, you are determined to conquer the mountain.
  • When you start trekking, you start to wonder why you are here and wanted to give up.
  • Then you realize you have not much of a choice but keep going.
  • When you felt that the top is near, you are all charged up and rush forward
  • When you are up there, you finally get your much deserved rest and food (Reward No 1)
  • If you are lucky, there are some superb scenery up there (Reward No 2)
  • Then the feeling that you are on the of the world and have a nice nap (Reward No 3)
  • Then start packing and going downhill, and it isn’t as difficult as going up
  • Lastly, the satisfaction of conquering and didn’t give up (I ain’t no quitter)
  • Then you look forward to the next climb, thinking it would be fun (and totally forget about the pain)
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meiru said...

People say mountain climbing is very much like a woman giving birth to baby. By looking at your list of feelings along mountain climbing process, it's really quite true! haha..

d_luaz said...

Hmm, not too sure about giving labour ...