Saturday, August 05, 2006

Pirates of the Caribbean: Does it pay to be good?

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

So you still remember the scene where Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) seduce Elizabeth Swan (Keira Knightley) to ditch Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) and follow him instead, proposing the excitement and temptation of trying to do something spontaneous, something bad, something where she don’t usually do (luring her to the dark side). Then Elizabeth Swan counter offer him instead, proposing the equal excitement and temptation to actually do something good and perhaps, it might be something that a bad-ass-no-honour pirate had been longing to try all these while.

In the end, Jack Sparrow did do something good, a thread which is not part of his selfish self. When the Black Pearl is attacked by the Kraken (bad-ass giant octopus that just wouldn’t die after being shot by cannon and bombed), Jack Sparrow took the only life boat and row away, leaving all his friends and crews. But he did come back in the end, to save them and provide a safe passage to abandon ship. He actually did try to do good for once, and guess what happened to him? He got screwed.

While they are escaping to the life boat, Elizabeth Swan decides to give her dark side a chance. She seduces Jack Sparrow, kiss him and chain him to the boat. She says, “Sorry Jack, the Kraken is chasing after you, not us”. She left Jack Sparrow to die on the boat and persuade the crews to leave.

So, the one who try to be good get eaten by the Kraken in a stylish manner, and the one learning to be bad get to save her own skin. I wonder what kind of message is Disney trying to send.

Though at the end everyone weeps for Jack Sparrow, and Elizabeth Swan is haunted with guilt. They decide to embark on an adventure to save Jack Sparrow with a new captain (who is this guy anyway?). But is real life, dead people don’t come back to life again.

So, you wanna end up like Jack Sparrow or Elizabeth Swan?


Lizzam said...

the "new" captain, is Captain Barbossa, the One who started the mutinee on Sparrow, costing him 10 years not being the captain of the Black Pearl.

Barbossa was thought to be dead in Curse of the Black Pearl, after he lost his Immortality or Undead Curse (remember the undead monkey?) he got by stealing the cursed gold coins of Cortez.

I guess you missed the 1st movie. You should've watched it, so you'd know why Will got slapped in Tortuga, why Jack is onlye the captain of the Black Pearl for 3 years instead of 13, why the monkey is undead, and why Norrington end up being laike that.

Sparrow, did not die, not yet, it seems. Yes, he was played by Swann, as he had done to most of the main cast. It was a kind of revenge, but a bitter one. As bad as he may seem, at least Sparrow has a tiny bit of compassion on his 'friends'

just a thought,:)

d_luaz said...

Thanks for the info, I guess I kinda forgot about the detail for the 1st movie. Now you mentioned it, I realised I missed or forgotten so many things about the movie. Usually I am pretty good with detail, perhaps not with this one ;)