Monday, January 22, 2007

Is Simple Life possible?

Is it possible to live our life in the following manner?
  • Free your heart from hatred.
  • Free your mind from worries.
  • Live simply.
  • Give more.
  • Expect less.
Is it possible for us to decide on our own happiness disregard of what is happening around us? Can't we disregard what we don't have or had lost, and be thankful for the things we have?

I also wonder how I had lived my life. How much do I expect and how much do I actually give, and how simple or complicated I am. And how much hatred or worry do I actually hold within me.


Chris Fritz said...

"Simple" is a good word for this lifestyle. I'm gifted with not understanding "hatred". Somehow, I cannot get mad or angry at things, and I cannot hate others, even people who do bad things to me.

I do not "worry" about things beyond my control, because I cannot control them. I don't "worry" about things I can control, because I can control them. (Maybe close friends and family won't be happy if you don't worry a little about them and what happens with them?)

I give what I can, and always wish I could give more; at the same time I expect nothing in return. (Maybe this is foolish of me? But I cannot help it, this is the way I am.)

For someone like me, your list is the way my life always is. Sometimes this simple life is good, sometimes this simple life is bad. But it's always the things on your list.

I live such a simple life.

d_luaz said...

haha, perhaps you are a lucky simple man afterall. perhaps I always have plans, ambitions, dreams, but nevertheless, I always hope all those can co-exist with simplicity :)

perhaps it's is a good formula after all. giving is better than taking, it took me a while before I understand how it really is :)