Saturday, January 13, 2007


2006 had been quite a relaxing yet bumpy year. Again, it’s the time where I felt time flies really fast, slightly nostalgic, wondering what have I done and what more should I do. Since when did I have so many demands and dream to achieve?

January 2006 is the month where I start to evaluate last last year and plan for last year. It seems pretty good, hehe. Chin Chuan get married after Wei Kang (I get to go back to Kuatan after a long while), and I wonder when will I be capable of settling down. At that point of time, still trouble by potentially relationship issues. And finally, the relief of leaving my ex-company to get some fresh air and finally do something useful. Taking the first step to become a full time entrepreneur.

February is month with lots of thought, wondering about purpose of making money, about changes, about hope, about struggle, and about her. Finally setup a nice SOHO and buying expensive furniture (no regrets until now), while start teaching children at my cousin’s center.

March get to spend some crazy time with Wynn and Mei Ru. Got to bind an accomplishment contract for the first time which is due very soon. Have some fun while motivating myself to move on.

April is the moment in life and all about her, and Tioman is a lovely place.

May is the historical launching of Malaysia Most Wanted (my pet project), one down and many more to go. Having lots of dates, while trying to improve productivity.

June is a busy month while climbing of the beautiful Gunung Rajah, and also the Latin Dance exam. It is her birthday :)

July is trying to get motivate myself on the right track again, and also a nice trip at Ulu Langat Waterfall. A quick review of what I have done, still very much struggling and finding ways. Got myself into some communication turmoil, but it did bring out a lesson or two on life. Try my luck with Good Adsense and get addicted ever since. Got very enthusiastic about programming framework, and it’s time to learn something new and try to move to the next level in my craft.

August is a month of obsession with technicality, which I kinda miss and hate at the same time. Thinking about the concept of problogger, but it isn’t really for me. New blogger is available, but I can’t update until now, sucks. It’s a good month with productivity and achievement, but I land myself with my 1st car accident, and get to play the super fun paintball for the first time.

September is time for adventure, visiting Cameron with Chim and climb Gunung Charlie (looks like LOTR forest at the top). Astro showing loads of Anime and became one of my favorite laziness pastimes.

October is a busy month I supposed? And the beginning of a partnership. It is mid-autumn festival :)

November spell a new life in my entrepreneurial adventure, with more challenges ahead. And my birthday as well, with the 1st couple trip.

December is a time to reflect and think, and not the forget the beautiful Jelawang Waterfall and new year countdown.

This could be the most blog-able years of my life, immortalize a lot of important moments. I guess blogging is going downhill from now onwards, taken over by work and more life :)

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