Thursday, January 25, 2007

A Food Project

MMW Food is my second pet project after MMW Property, where she had finally gone live about 1 month ago (we had archived more than 100 delicious food to date).

MMW Property is more serious, more numerical which much potential for statistical analysis. But I doubt most people actually buy a property based on statistical market information (probably is because they have no easy access to such information), but mostly people buy a property based on:
  • Familiarity with a neighborhood
  • Recommendation by friends and family
  • Seduced by the sales talk and show unit
Of course, we are influenced by our budget and preference of a specific type of property (condominium or landed). My question is: will statistical data on the properties in a specific area help? I always thought it would be nice to know the growth rate or rental yield, at least I am sure of not paying too high of a price for my dream house. But the realisation of that idea is still far away, for now I have just have to settle with the archiving of new property projects in Malaysia (the first baby steps at least).

MMW Food is more leisure, finding the best place to eat based on recommendations by Bloggers. We all like to eat, haha. Can’t find a nice place to dine with your wife for the anniversary? Want to treat your girlfriend for a nice romantic dinner? Where to bring your family to get some cheap and delicious Chinese food? MMW Food is meant to help food lovers to find some new places to eat during the weekends (we got bored of the same place pretty fast). How well will this work? I don’t know, but at least it gave you some options and recommendations by people who ate there before. It should get better and better as the list grows.

Sometimes working on all these pet projects is actually quite fun, but the effort required might not be quite justifiable as you can’t make much money out of it. Perhaps many years down the road it might get more popular and serve its purpose better, or I might have give up on it and abandoned the idea. Besides, we have no idea whether we are doing it right or wrong. Venture Capitalist in Malaysia certainly doesn’t like the idea of portal and alike (imagine they forgo the opportunities to invest in MySpace, though there are many MySpace wannabe failure as well), so it’s up to the small timer like me to dream of something and make it into reality. You can say the idea is too common or I don’t actually have the financial muscle to actually make a difference, but I am a believer of small little “right” components could make a big difference (try to tell that to the VCs, haha). My only hope is that I could continue to put my heart into it to make them better and more relevant, and the web traffic would continue to rise and motive me to go further.

Life is a such, nothing is certain, you just have to continue until the day you die (either the heart of the body) before you could get a taste of the answer (it might not even be a complete answer).

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