Sunday, January 07, 2007

Borrow Luck

Borrow Luck? Who would think of something so ridiculous? Have it got something to do with Feng Shui or Black Magic?

The fundamental belief is everyone has different level of luck, some people are just luckier than others. Imagine roulette gambling, by probability everyone has an equal chance of winning, but not everyone shall win or loose the same amount within the period of gambling. Some shall have be on winning streak, while some on loosing streak, and some might break even at the end. Since you guess is as good as mine, why not we bank on the lucky ones, or unlucky ones. Let’s assume Person L is on loosing steak all night long, thus I shall bet the opposite of this bet. If he goes for odd number, then I shall go for even. I know there is no scientific basis of what so ever, just solely based on the concept of luck. If Person W is on winning streak all night long, then I shall follow his bet. Do you think you shall have higher chances of winning by betting on luck?

In a corporate or business world, the concept is you shall always tag along with someone rich and successful (we assume these people should have better luck). It’s not that we want to ask them to give us money or what so ever, but the concept is we shall have a higher chance of success if we mix with successful people. Imagine you always tag along with Person S who is very successful, there are bound to be chances he would require your help in something or ask for a small favor, or there are some business too small for him that he would pass it to you, or he would like to explore some opportunity with you, or he could introduce some good contacts to you. We don’t actually require anything specific from that successful person, but just being around them would kind of bring you good luck as well by bringing in more opportunities. No one actually loose out in this case, but we are just helping each other.

The rich shall get richer, and the poor shall get poorer. It’s a vicious cycle or spiral, business don’t come to the people with the lowest price or best product. Business always land in the hand of people we perceived to be successful. When someone is lucky, when someone is on a winning streak, when someone is successful, when someone is confident, there is a certain good aura around them which makes people begging to give them business. When you are on loosing streak or ran out of luck, you would not have the glowing aura, or you might have the worrisome face, or you might not dress well or look confident, that people are doubtful of you and won’t even give you any business even though you beg them to do it for free.

Perhaps it got nothing to do with luck, or have very little to do with luck. But I do believe it is still a good thing if you always hang out with successful business, and they shall influence you to be successful one way or another. If you always hang out with whiner or looser, you shall end up exactly like them. Secondly, I believe the aura and impression of success is very important. People shall have more confident with you, believe in you more and more likely to give you an opportunity, because they believe you could make it a success. The good luck and bad luck thing is infectious and it propagates, and one thing affects another. When your business is bad, you start to have a worrisome face, might sounds desperate and beg for business, and the clients might push you further until you have no profit even if you get the business by begging. When your business is good, you start to portray a confident face, you dress well and clients actually want to give you the business.

Again, perhaps it got nothing to do with luck but more with attitude and character. What we must do to keep the good things happening, and keep at the bad things away. Do you actually bank on the concept of luck?

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