Monday, January 15, 2007

Of Purpose

I recently ask a business associate, what is his purpose of quitting a well paying job and be an entrepreneur? His answer is to make more money.

A long time ago, someone ask me what is the purpose of having a relationship with the opposite sex if not for the purpose of marriage?

I can’t say that they are wrong, but I don’t exactly felt very right about it as well. Though all businessmen want to make money, but I don’t think it should be the main thing that drives us. Making lots of money and become rich could be the end product, but it takes more than money to drive us there. Might it be the passion, or excitement, or to prove something, or to make a change, or the believe we can actually do it, or just something worth doing. Can be survive purely on the desire to make money, or on the passion to make something work? Don’t really have the answer for that yet. I guess it takes a little bit of everything, and perhaps one thing more than the other. Don’t quite have the recipe yet :)

Does starting a relationship means that it must end with a marriage, or have marriage in our mind in this first place? If everything goes well, it probably would naturally reach such a state. I always thought relationship is all about exploration, to know each other, to learn new things, to compromise and to have may hugs and kisses, haha. I guess relationship could be giving without guarantee of return, thus marriage is not part of the contract in the first place. What if marriage is expected to be given at the end of the road, even before the journey begin? Would this seems more like a business transaction? I guess marriage is kinda like a “taboo” word in the very beginning of a relationship, as the time is not right yet, and we are not prepared. If it came out too early, it could be a shock or stress. If it came out on the right time, it would be perfect, If it never show up for a very long time, it could be a problem as well. Of course, they are always people take the unconventional route of not getting married or not having babies. Is the purpose of a relationship is marriage? It could be the end product, but not necessary so in the beginning. It started with admiration and a bunch of good feelings.

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