Monday, January 22, 2007

What to do with my life?

People say blog is about me, myself and I. I agree with that. I am not really a journalist who talk about news, or an author who share my domain knowledge, and neither a reviewer who play with goodies. I just know about myself, what have I done and my thoughts. So my blog is mainly about me, my life, my knowledge, my experience …

That apart, I have been thinking of what do I want to do with my life again. It’s still the beginning of the year, it is the season to ponder and re-sync our life with our dreams. Looking at my New Year resolution, I don’t felt really inspired. Though it is a good list of things to achieve, but there isn’t really any fun or excitement. It is a boring list. With no inspiration and excitement, only objectives and numbers.

What excites me? Travel around the world, yes! I remember I thought of a long travel experience inspired by Si Theng’s adventure in Spain. I remember to have a big travel plan at the age of 30 (that would be on the 7th November 2009), though might not be the world, but at least some part of it. To have a few months, experience some life overseas. Not really a vacation staying in comfortable hotels, but an adventure the life outside my home. Perhaps to work at the orchard or take up a course to learning something (Cooking? Art?), and travel around to experience life and culture. A big travel of a life time, back packing all the way, do the things I never done before.

In order to sponsor my “Big Travel of a Life Time”, I would need some extra cash (perhaps a Kancil or MyVii) to spare. Imagine spending a car in a few months time? Something which I would never thought of many years ago. Tang did it with a Kancil, I guess she reach this level in life faster than me. Now I understand why there is a need to spend the money and go travel: as a milestone, as an achievement, as a memory for many years to come, for an experience which shall not return again.

So, I have dream of becoming a millionaire by the age of 30 (again, the deadline is 7th November 2009). It’s a psychological level and milestone. It is possible, and there is a need to make it a reality. Not really for the money or the travel (just an excuse), but for me. To satisfy a dream since young, to prove my capability in turning a dream into reality, for achievement in life and feel proud of it.

Project “Millionaire by 30” is still quite a big dream. When our dream is too far away, we might give up on it, thinking it is not quite possible to achieve it. So, how about one step at a time, tackling my target for this year? I target for RM 100K for the past few years and had always missed it. I kinda get demoralised, and it seems like getting further and further away from me. How about 50K per year? Haha, that is pretty far from 1 million with another 3 years to go. So I need to earn RM 50K for year 1, RM 200K for year 2 and another RM 750K for year 3. So, the most important target is still to hit it for year 1, and do magic for year 2 and 3. It’s ironic that I did hit the RM 50K mark by employment, but not yet by entrepreneuring means.

Realistically, I really have no idea how to make it works. I could generally depend on my Software Business and Malaysia Most Wanted. I particularly like MMW, because it is a great deal of fun with good potential (long term business model, continuous building block). In fact the income had been growing by 100% for the past few months (though the total volume is not significant). So it is important for me to continue to build the foundation up and continue maintaining the momentum. Who knows, I might be able to create a web success myself and make wonders. Whenever there is time, don’t go day dreaming but to work on MWW instead!

As for the software business, it’s more traditional, though less exciting at times, but still a good business of my interest. It’s a different kind of exposure. Exposure to partnership, management, sales, team building and product development. The big brother always target 2 millions in revenue by end of the year, so some magic might happens with the synergy among us. King of Software Customisation is our short term goals, and perhaps capable to be a product company at a later stage. According to the book on Software Business, service or product company have an equal chance of success. It’s not to be a service or product company, but how much emphasis on one type of business over the other over times. So, this shall be my full time engagement.

The rest of the incomes have to depend on my teaching pocket money and the faithful share market.

Through perseverance and some luck, it might still seem possible to pull it off by 30 :)

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