Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year Resolution Year 2007

Looking back at my last New Year resolution, I would say there is still a long way to go. I didn’t get to take over the world and no RM 100K for me for the 3rd year. Though I missed the big goals, but I did manage to accomplish a few good things, especially in finding my soul mate. So it isn’t bad at all :)

I guess the goal is still to be a millionaire at the age of 30, or at lease it’s a dream. It is something which is not easy to achieve, yet I would like to achieve it, either for a better life, or just to prove a point. Nevertheless, it’s a good dream and target to hold within my heart.

Back to the short term goal, or my New Year resolution:
  • Earn 100K starting from now until the end of the year (need to stop bleeding and build up the cash pile)
  • Make MMW Property and MMW Food even more useful and popular, and earning at least USD 100 per month from it (these are my pet projects which have my love and passion)
  • Build a sustainable software business with my partners, and may the partnerships hold strong for better or worst. And also, to be a good boss and great businessman.
  • Be a better person, someone with dignity and principal; be brave and shall never be afraid for what I had done or had not done; be someone who had done enough and shall no longer give excuses; be someone to admit his wrong and weaknesses and do something about it, so that he would become a better person.
Besides the big dreams, it is important to
  • To maintain good health, eat healthy and exercise
  • To love her, respect her and spent sufficient time with her
  • To continue dancing
  • To continue with more outdoor adventures
  • To have more passion and patient with the children
  • To love and treat mom and dad better
  • To read and review more books
  • To be aware of what I am doing, take control of life and not let it drift too much
  • To have happiness and satisfaction
With the wind of change blowing, 2007 is set to be an exciting year.

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