Saturday, December 30, 2006

Thou shall not treat others the way Thou wouldn’t want to be treated

I remember it wasn’t that long that I was an employee who complaint about my company and bosses, and about how incompetent people are and how unproductive things are. That time I was very sure if I am the boss, it would do things right and shall never repeat these mistakes.

Not very long later, I was half a boss, started to employ my first employee, trying to make sure everything is perfect for him while avoiding all the mistakes which my ex-company had done to me. While doing so, I found not many bosses would share the same ideology as I did. Some didn’t feel a need to make the employee happy, while some have no idea what need to be done (or maybe they don’t really care about the satisfaction and happiness of the employee). I on the other hand, is a strong believer that the employee must be happy and satisfied in order to produce good result. I’ll try my best to make sure that they get what I hope to get while I was an employee, to create the near-perfect working environment for them. Why treat them so nice? Perhaps I wanted to be treated so back then, and I would contribute a lot more and stayed longer.

While I was trying to be a good half-boss, I found that sometimes things are not within my control. I can’t really run the company the way I dreamt of running it, as different partners have different perceptions and values. It is like I can’t really sustain the business without them, yet I have to live with their way of running the business. Again, can’t really live with them, neither without them. Perhaps it’s the matter of compromising again, creating a less than perfect environment. Perhaps it’s too easy to be average, very difficult to achieve high quality, and above average is not hard.

Perfection only lies within the eye of the beholder, perhaps sometimes it’s better to step back and look at it in a less serious perspective. Is this denial or a strategy for a good solution? I guess it doesn’t matter as long as it works.

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