Saturday, December 16, 2006

why don't people talk

I can’t quite remember since when I started to enjoy writing. I don’t remember myself enjoying reading and writing at any point in my life, exept now. Perhaps I pickup new habits along the way, hopefully for the better. Now I seem to write and talk more (might not be really good though). Slowly I realize a lot of people around me actually talk and express about themselves less. Though I feel like “liberating” them, but I know too well it’s part of a self realization process which cannot be forced through (at least I believe so).

Recently got to know a guy who don’t actually talk much, and almost always accept things which come to him. I guess he is a Mr. Yes, yet to learn how to say No. Though he don’t really say “No” from his mouth, but I kinda sense that he is reluctant, and perhaps might just play ignorance and let things flow without any action. Some believe in action, while some people believe in inaction (escaping from responsibility perhaps, where I choose this path sometimes which end up eating my soul badly). I am worry about him. Usually I wouldn’t bother with this kind of stuff, as everyone has the freedom to choose how they want to carry on with their life, and it’s easiest to leave him as he is. But, I might need to get associated in certain cooperation which could potentially affect my daily life in the near future. A business deal. Hopefully I could understand what kind of person is he, but perhaps getting someone like him to open up is not easy, especially when we don’t bond very well.

Well, another small obstacle of life. With complexity of human relationship and decision to be made. Since when do I care so much about the psychology of a guy? Starts to sound a bit dodgy here. I have no choice (no choice in a choice I would have made). Perhaps it’s best to carry on with my part and left him alone, but that doesn’t seems too ideal and beat the whole purpose of things. How much am I willing to compromise and sacrifice?


Helen said...

Hi, Im Helen and ive been searching high and low for polymer clay and ended up in your website and saw you mentioned about it being sold in some shops in 1u. May i know what's the name of the shop? will really appreciate your help!

Thanks heaps!

d_luaz said...

Can't quite remember the shop name, but it's on the link between the old n new wing (nearer to the old wing side).

Trying walking from the old wing TGV cinema, then you would find lots of "fashionable" shops. The shop sell art paints and glass art as well.