Saturday, December 30, 2006

Death and Taxes

An old saying said that only death and taxes (I doubt this though) is certain, but I guess more realistically, only the past is certain (because it had already happened). Why bring out such a thought again? Because the future is uncertain, AGAIN.

Actually, the future is never certain, just depends on how often we thought about it. Not sure what I am going to write today, and definitely the futures seems murky to me. Not a very good way to end a year huh. Seems like a lot is going on and happening, but nothing quite feel like “success” or “happiness”.

Perhaps I am trying to chase for some kind of perfection in life, like doing something I like and still manage to make a decent living out of it. Perhaps I do get a chance do something I like, the way I like it, but I might not be able to make decent living out of it. Perhaps I still get to do something I like, but may not be the way I like it, and have a higher chance to make a living out of it. Or perhaps I don’t chase for something I like to do, yet be able to make a descent living out of it. Some point in time, sacrifices have to be made before reaching the nirvana in life (sipping cocktail on my yacht sailing through Bahamas with millions in my Swiss account). Perhaps I have been imagining about nirvana too much, until I didn’t do enough in real life.

Recently I am wondering a lot about the balance of sacrifices and compromises I should be making, and how I should carry on my live for the next year. What is the optimal recipe (again, seeking for perfection again) for success and happiness?

Perhaps it’s time to review back what I had done for the past year and what I should do for the next. Time seems to be running out as 30 are near.

PS: I was hoping blogging would help me pour my thoughts out, but there are so much in the head and yet very hard to put any words down.

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